Quality Policy


SSS Sourcig believes in continuous improvement in the product quality and being cost effective as a means of achieving Total Customer Satisfaction. For this, we are committed towards excellence in all our activities by creating an environment of team building and work satisfaction.


Our mission greatly relies on the quality policy that we are committed to. Our quality objectives prescribe that we:

  • Adapt and improve upon internationally recognized quality assurance system.
  • Upgrade our machines, systems, techniques and processes to meet the ever changing demands of quality and cost.
  • Plan and execute to ensure timely delivery of products.
  • Work towards establishing transparent management information system.
  • Train and motivate all our personnel to work as a team towards producing better results.
  • Regularly monitor, review and evaluate the performance of our supply chain.We endeavor to meet the quality objectives in everything that we do. The planned objectives and policies have naturally taken us towards fulfilling the ISO 9001-2000 guidelines and our entire manufacturing processes are certified ISO 9001-2000.

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